Snooki Sex Tape
Snooki Sex Tape


We all know her and um… love her as Snooki, from Jersey Shore, the mind numbing bad behavior inducing program from our beloved MTV.  Snooki is also branded by her real name Nicole Polizzi.  Snooki was featured on  the reality show Jersey Shore in 2009 and has become a television personality and a household name ever since.

      Snooki grew up in Marlboro, New York, where oddly enough she graduated from high school.  In high school she was obsessed with cheerleading and being thin, she had a bout of anorexia that she suffered from and scaled down to 80 lbs.  Not a shocking fact I am sure. This is where her Guido lifestyle of fake tans and fake hair was born.

      The reality show Jersey Shore has had strange but demanding appeal.  The show itself is like a train wreck, you just have to stop and watch it but you feel terrible afterwards.  Snooki is exactly this.  The New York Times identified her in her role on Jersey Shore as the “breakout member of the cast” due to the fact that she was the target of a lot of public disdain and yet she still had a “strange appeal” to the public.  Interesting.  An honor that Snooki, I am sure is very proud of in her life so far.

       Snooki has unleashed her grotesque behavior and raunchy ways, which have earned her numerous arrests, nude television footage, and a rumored sex tape.  It has been currently reported that some serious graphic nude photos have been leaked as well.  What more could we expect from a Guidette? 

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